Are All Carbs Bad For You?

Are All Carbs Bad For You? To start with, what are carbohydrates? Carbohydrates are complex sugars. Sugar is the important word here. When you eat sugars, your blood sugar level rises and your pancreas starts secreting insulin (anabolic hormone that helps you to store fat). At the same time the production of glucagon (canabolic hormone that helps…

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Sugars… We all know that eating sweets like donuts is not good for our waste line. They are made out of highly processed and modified flour,  they are full of genetically modified plant oil and tons of added sugar. They have zero nutrition and tons of empty caloriesSo how about replacing it with healthy, sweet foods…

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Why Cardio Kickboxing Is Good For You

As an ex-kick boxer and someone who has raised world champions. I know about the multitude of benefits training for kickboxing can provide, regardless if you are training to compete or just do a cardio kickboxing session to keep yourself in shape. The following are just some of the benefits you can receive from doing kickboxing for your full body workout.